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kenbob I love dream pop and punk and this combo of same. I'ma big fan of Lush and your music reminds me of same. Go girls, go! Favorite track: Prayer to the Furies.
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released April 8, 2016


LENA: guitar / main vocals
BRIDGET: bass / backup vocals
ALISA: drums / backup vocals


Recorded by Pat Wieland
Mastered by Matt Ten Clay
Produced by Hot Capicola Records


Album art by Alisa & Lena



all rights reserved


FLUSHED Grand Rapids, Michigan

Three powerful pals making fuzzy, sugar-coated riffs for you to sing along to.

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Track Name: Adorable
☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁
۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵ ۵
☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂ ☂

always in the gutter, always caught in the rain. always down on my luck, it'll never change. followed by a storm cloud - it walked me all the way home. but it's clear blue skies when we're alone.

((( she said she'd always adore you. she said she'd always bore you. she said she'd try to love you always. )))

always in the bathtub. always flushed down the drain. forget the kitchen sink, it's in my way. swimming in the sewer, wash me out to sea. i'm going with the current 'cause you're with me.

Track Name: Only One
☀ ♟ ☀ ♜ ☀ ♟ ☀ ♜ ☀ ♙☀ ♖ ☼ ♙ ☼ ♖ ☼

sun, fun everywhere - i go to the show but you're not there. you say you're half of a pair, but i've seen you start to disappear. he's not around, so you're not here.

he bought you a new dress, stitched you up so you would fit. you make a pretty good puppet when you're hanging in the closet by a string. you're giving in.

((( listen to your boyfriend, never having any fun, never going outside, always missing the shining sun. listen to your boyfriend, don't talk to anyone. you don't need any friends, he's your only one. )))

((( you have no dreams of your own.
he has no cares of his own. )))

you never asked for his advice. he's always right, you're always nice. he likes your head up in the clouds. he locks you high up in a tower. in a tower, you have no power.

Track Name: Dream of You
☾ ✩ ╰☆╮✩ ╰☆╮✩ ╰☆╮✩ ╰☆╮✩ ☽

that guy dreams at night of all the stars in the sky. warm raspberry skin turns to black velveteen.

((( dream of you, dream of you, dream of you )))

that girl dreams at night of all the clouds in disguise. salty tangerine skin turns to black velveteen.

Track Name: Candy

i've got a crush on you, even though i don't want to.

((( you've got all the candy that i want. i've got chocolate kisses in my eyes. i see candy corn and gumdrops, caramel sticks and lollipops, marshmallows and dots when you're around. )))

i've got a crush on her, even though i'm a loser.

Track Name: Nobody's Girlfriend
∇ ☿ ∇ ☿ ∇ ☿ ∇ ☿ ∇ ☿ ∇ ☿ ∇ ☿ ∇
♁ ∴ ♁ ∴ ♁ ∴ ♁ ∴ ♁ ∴ ♁ ∴ ♁ ∴ ♁

she skipped sixteen, it rots her teeth. she burned her dress and ditched her dreams. a noose of pearls around her neck, the promise ring, it caused her death. she counts the stretchmarks on her legs: as many as the endless days. she's a butterfly cocooned in lace. her last thread's unraveling.

((( she is nobody's girlfriend. )))

the birthday candles on her cake had burned the witches of her age. she blew them out and made a curse, but that just made everything worse. she dug her grave and ran away. "that is no way you should behave!" no one goes back with a rose to lay, but that's ok, 'cause she escaped.

Track Name: Big Heart
❤ ♡ ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡ ❤ ♡ ❤

got a blue bicycle, ride around all over this town, blow past everyone - BIG HEART. got a bright red drumset, feel so cool behind it, play it when i feel upset - BIG HEART.

((( you don't believe her. what she's saying's just words. plug your ears, don't listen. it's not true. )))

got a can of purple spray paint. draw big hearts and sign my name. meet you in a secret place - BIG HEART. did you see the sunset? take a good look at it. remember when you feel upset - BIG HEART.

Track Name: Prayer to the Furies
☹ ♀ ⚶ ♀ ⚶ ♀ ⚶ ♀ ⚶ ♀ ⚶ ♀ ⚶ ♀ ☹

sometimes when you're unhappy it's because you told a lie, and the consequences built up 'cause you couldn't decide. promises, water under the bridge, i flow with the tide. and i pray to the furies to help me know what's right.

((( sad sad sisters, i heard you cry. all those fairies turned to flies. sad sad sisters, tell me why all my prayers turn to lies. )))

sometimes when you're unhappy it's because you told the truth, and the consequences built up 'cause you couldn't improve. promises, water under the bridge, i flow with the tide. and i pray to the furies, help me decide.

Track Name: Ride Home
◣◝◟ ◦ ◸ ◡ ◾ ◦ ▽ ◞ ◜ ◀ ◦ ◾ ◠◟▽ ◦ ◥

i'm going to the party tonight, been getting ready all day. i put my good shoes on, coughing in a cloud of hairspray. applyin' my eyeshadow, in the mirror i see your car's shadow. i hear my mom yell "hey, they're here!"

((( you are my ride to the party )))

the girl i never liked hands me a beer. the boy i always sat by says i look nice. the girl whose locker's next to mine says "hey, here take this." all of a sudden i'm feeling really high...

from far away i hear your voice. you look into my eyes. you say it's time to go, i say that'd be nice. you put your arm around me as we pull into my drive. you go in for a kiss, i run inside.

((( you are my ride home from the party )))